So as someone who grows a considerable amount of facial hair, I have to shave every two or three days in order to maintain smooth skin for the ideal surface to apply makeup or to relieve myself of the rough and itchy existence that is facial hair.

The way I begin shaving is after taking a hot shower when the shaft of the hairs have been saturated with water and softened.
After getting out of the shower, I pat my skin dry and begin applying a shaving cream.
The thing about shaving cream is that it is applied to provide lubrication between the skin and the blade. My own little personal hack with this step is to use a hydrating lotion or moisturizer. I prefer to use Cetaphil lotion as it is water based, extremely affordable, and allows the blade to glide across the skin. Another product I use every now and then is Ponds cold cream. This is supposed to be used as a makeup remover however it is a very rich hydrating cream which makes it a great product to use in place of products specifically made for shaving. A third and final product that I love to use in place of a shaving cream is a hyaluronic acid gel. This is a thick clear water-based gel that is amazing for the skin and provides quite a slick surface for the blade.

The best way to use all three products is to apply them while the skin is a little moist. This provides additional slip for the blade and further reduces the chance of getting nicks and cuts while shaving.

As for the blades, most people would think that expensive blades with several blades are the best for shaving. In reality, price and blade count do not dictate the comfort and quality of a shave.
Some people may prefer more blades while others like the feel and effect of a single or double blade razor.
Personally, I do not have a preference when it comes to blade count or brand. As a matter of fact, I currently purchase all of my blades from the dollar store where I can get multiple razors with varying blade counts for a single dollar.
My favorites from the dollar store include the six-bladed razor as well as the dual-edged safety razor.
Both razors have given me satisfactory results as my skin was smooth and had little to no razor bumps, cuts, or nicks. Despite this, there was a bit of a learning curve with the safety razor as I had never used one before until a couple of days ago. But struggles aside, both razors were able to perform very close shaves leaving my skin smooth.

As for the popular brands such as Gillette, Bic and the dollar shave club, I do not notice a difference between the quality of the shave when compared to the dollar razors. When it comes to the brand of the razor, it is 100% up to my own personal preference. I currently own several Gillette cartridges and will continue using them simply because I have been using them for several years and find it difficult to part with the brand.

At the end of the day, what you decide to shave with is completely up to you.
I hope that these tips and tricks from my own routine will help you get the closest shaves possible.

Hey everyone

Hi everyone and welcome to my very first post as a beauty blogger.
Here I will be posting everything that I experience in the world of beauty including makeup tips and tricks, holy grails and epic fails, as well as life experiences from every day as well as my modeling and beauty career.

Now that we got the purpose of the blog out of the way, I want to introduce myself.
My name is Jonathan Lee and I am a violinist, at this moment a pre-medical student, a model, and a makeup artist.
I have been playing the violin since age 5 and have continued ever since as it is a means for me to calm and center myself from time to time as you all know that the path of becoming a doctor can be quite stressful at times. Add to the fact that I also plan to add modeling and makeup to my careers and you have the recipe for balding and yelling at the grandkids at age 23.

I understand that most of you probably think that I am wasting my abilities with makeup by going into medical school and that my parents probably forced me to get into the sciences since I was a child. On the contrary, makeup is really just a hobby just like how some artists draw and sketch to relax. The same rules apply to me with the only difference being that other artists draw on paper while my canvas is a person’s face.Β I am actually quite the nerd with the sciences being my favorite subjects to study and learn about during the quarter or when relaxing at home. I find it quite relaxing as well to learn about how the world works from string theory to astrophysics as well as chemistry and biology.

Since I mentioned makeup and modeling let me tell you how I got into the industry.
I started modeling in August 2017 so around a year before making this post. A good friend of mine and I were talking about modeling one day and how it would be a fun experience for the both of us to try it out, little did I know that she was actually being serious about trying it out. So one day, she signed both of us up for a modeling event and surprised me with the event which definitely caught me off guard and after 30 minutes of persuading me, I finally caved and decided to join her in the event.
We got dressed did our makeup and off we went to get our photos taken which happened to be the most fun that I had in quite a while and ever since then I’ve been modeling.

The story of my makeup is not as joyful or lighthearted as my other stories as it comes from a place of pain and heartbreak.
When I started makeup at age 14, I was dressing up for a Halloween costume party. My parents did not think anything of it at the time as I was just getting dressed up for a party.
However, after they noticed that I was wearing makeup more and more frequently and creating more elaborate designs, they started to question my sexuality.
At age 16 is when I decided to apply as a running start student in Bellevue college where I found out about the LGBT center. This was also the place where I met a man that helped me discover my sexuality and, excuse my corniness, express who I was as a person as up till then I was actively trying to mask my sexuality.
After giving my parents the news a series of events that I will not disclose occurred where, for a long period of time, I was unable to interact with my parents properly. However, after a couple of years, my parents and I were able to come back together and understand what was going on in my world.

So that is a little snapshot of how my past was and what my interests are.
Again I want to thank all of you who have taken the time to read my very first post and hope that you will stick around and see where my journey will take me.

I will see you soon and until then, be the baddie with magick touch.