Favorite sponges: Real techniques

Welcome to the second part of my favorite sponge series.
This time I’ll be talking about the real techniques makeup sponge which has been a long time favorite of mine.

In terms of material, softness, and application, it is no different than the beauty blender so well will skip that as application is exactly the same.

What I will be covering with this sponge is the shape of it as it is clearly different.

The sponge shape is slightly more rounded at the pointed end when compared to the beauty blender which does make it a little more difficult to apply foundation and concealer to tighter corners of the face such as the inner corner of the eyes and the crevices of the nose.
However, the other end, which is a flat slanted face, makes foundation and powder application far quicker compared to the beauty blender as the real techniques sponge has a far greater surface area. This makes it ideal for people who are looking to apply makeup in a short amount of time.

Not only is the real techniques sponge the quicker option for makeup application, but it is also far cheaper with a single sponge going for less than $5.

For those looking to experiment with sponge application, I would most definitely recommend the real techniques sponge.


Blending sponges: Beauty Blender

The beauty blender has been one of my favorite makeup sponges of all time, so much so that I keep around four or five at all times in my applicators collection.

What makes the sponge such an amazing application tool is the shape, softness, and the material that is made with.

Starting with the shape, there are many other sponges out there that have a similar shape to it but the fact that it is more of a slender sponge, allowing it to fit into the inner corners of the eye as well around the nose. This makes blending around the area much easier and quick compared to a sponge that is too wide for the area, ensuring seamless blending in the area.

The second part of the sponge that makes it one of my favorites to use is the softness.
This is often neglected when it comes to other brands. The softness of the sponge makes or breaks the application of products such as powder, foundation, concealer, cream and powder contour, and other such products.
A softer sponge is able to blend products without pushing them around and disrupting any of the placement and blending that was done.

The material that the sponge is made with also plays a very big role in whether or not the sponge will perform well with products.
The material that was used has larger pores giving the sponge a slight stipple ability which airbrushes the face and gives a very soft focus effect to the face.
The larger pores also make it much easier to clean the sponge as water and soap are able to move in and out of the sponge, cleaning out built up product without much effort.

The beauty is only one of the many sponges that I use when applying makeup.
There will be many other applicator reviews so stay tuned.

Makeup Forever Ultra HD liquid foundation

This foundation is one of my all-time favorites out there due to its coverage, formula, weightlessness, and texture.

The first positive that I want to address with this foundation is that it has medium coverage but is buildable. With everyday makeup, I usually go for a sheer to medium coverage foundation which is where the Ultra HD foundation comes into play. The texture is very fluid and allows for even coverage even when sheered out. The coverage is able to conceal/blur my imperfections and my dark spots as well as texture since I am a man.

The second positive from this foundation is its formula.
My skin type changes daily and depending on the day I either need copious amounts of powder or none at all. There are two problems with both situations.
If I use too much powder, it can cause my foundation to crease, crack and split, making me appear older than I am. If I don’t use any powder I run the risk of getting oily and causing the foundation, and anything that I put on top of it, to break down.
However, this foundation has been able to resist my natural oils and remain intact even after excessive powdering.
So when my skin is on the dry side, I will apply this foundation without any form of powder and when I am oily I use powder in order to set things down. What I have found is that the foundation without powder during my dry phases, will not budge and when set down with a powder, the foundation did not crack, split, or crease.

The last thing that I want to cover with this foundation is the texture.
The foundation, when applied to the skin, is light and smooth. Some foundations, although smooth, are extremely heavy on the skin and can be rather uncomfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time and other’s, although light, have particles in the foundation that are visible after blending into the skin, giving it a flakey effect. The Ultra HD foundation is both lightweight and smooth which gives my skin a blurred and flawless appearance while remaining lightweight.

Overall, if you can find your shade in this foundation line, I would highly recommend it to those who are just starting out their careers as an MUA or are just looking for a quality everyday foundation.