My Mental Health: Building Confidence

Having little to no self-confidence is a common bump in the road that many people encounter and where other problems such as depression and suicidal thoughts often originate.
However there are only a couple key steps that can help you build your depression back up.

The first step is to see who you keep around for company.
This can make or break your path to building up your confidence.
If you hang around people that are constantly complaining and whining about how hard and difficult life is then you will eventually succumb to that type of negative energy and thought process, hindering your progress to building up your self-confidence.
A couple of years ago, I used to hang around people that were constantly complaining and negative and that type of energy rubbed off on me. I started experiencing that I was more depressed than before, I was constantly irritable, and that I was looking to others to tell me what I wanted to hear. These negative influences are often complaining, always looking at the negative face of life, and have extremely entitled opinions and expectations and can be extremely difficult to get rid of once you become friends with them.
What you will find is that the moment they find out you are pulling away they will do anything in their power to bring you back into their pit of self-sabotage and despair. From what I personally have experienced, the negative influences in my life constantly asked me for my “opinion” on various situations, always asked for money, never thought twice before starting rumors about me, and always tried to draw attention to themselves.
What I had noticed after separating myself from the negative company, is that I felt less tired, more energetic, and far more positive which was a clear indication that the company that I used to hang out with were nothing more than depressed individuals who had no intention of improving themselves and wanted to bring others down with them.

The second step in building self-confidence back up is counting your blessings and tell yourself that you are the hottest news around and that everyone else is beneath you.
While the second part of what I have told you to do sounds incredibly conceited and overly self-centered, it is a vital part of building up your self-confidence. The whole problem with not having self-confidence is that you constantly tell yourself that you are worthless and are nothing but a failure. Telling yourself that you are the hottest news and that everyone s beneath you helps to counter those thoughts and will help to keep yourself from bringing yourself down any further than you already have.
Positive purpose aside, make sure that you don’t shove those thoughts down other peoples throats and to yourself as forcing those thoughts is nothing more than conceited.
Counting your blessings will help you to focus on the positive side of life and less on the negatives. Doing so will help you realize that you are actually better off than many others out there.

These two steps to building your self-confidence can be much harder than I make them sound but they are not impossible to perform. Take your time, ask for help, and make sure to surround yourself with positive influences.

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