My Mental Health: Part one, Depression

This is going to be another one of those touchy subjects for not only myself but for others as well.

My mental health is not the best considering what I’ve gone through at a young age. Granted that I have matured much quicker than people my age, that rate of maturation does take a toll on one’s mental health.

One of the problems that I do have to deal with is depression.
Depression is often seen as just a “bad mood” or having a bad day. The reaction that people generally have towards depression is to just “shake it off” or to “just get over it”.
Unfortunately, depression is not that easy to take care of.
The way I would describe depression is as a chronic disease that constantly inconveniences you in more ways than one. Depression saps your energy, causes you to lose passion and interest, and causes you to belittle yourself.

This is something that I have to constantly deal with as depression is something that has affected me at a very young age because of the struggles that I had to go through. The struggles that I am referring to are not financial struggles but rather social ones.
At a very young age I was severly bullied and not in ways you would think of. There were things that everyone gets bullied about like weight and height but that’s not what caused my depression. I was constantly picked on simply because I was interested in the newest Scientific American magazine instead of the new Halo video game that was just released. I was bullied for being the nerd of the class and carrying books instead of playing football. I was even picked on for having an interest in Spiderman and Superman instead of being interested in G.I. Joe. But the worst part my bullying was being called a pedophile at the age of 14 simply because I wanted to join a game of tag with kids that were around my age. This was something that really cut deep at that age. Think about it……


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