Dealing with hate

Imma make this as short as possible because hate is something that I don’t like to get into detail because it keeps me from moving forward and progressing on my projects and personal growth.

So I get hate all the time even though you don’t see it in the comments section of my posts.
What many people do is message me, sending their hate my way without exposing themselves on my pages and feeds. Despite the method, hate is hate.
I often get told that my work is worthless or crap because I don’t use a hella expensive and fancy or have fancy lighting and equipment and when I ask for resources for improving the quality of my work, I get hit with the classic “do it yourself” line.
For future reference, if you comment criticisms on other artists work without giving ways to improve when asked, YOU’S A HATER.

Here’s the thing to those who are wondering why people would criticize my methods and equipment.
I am a student traveling along the path to medicine which means that I have a rather intensive curriculum. This makes it difficult for me to shop for expensive lighting, cameras, and equipment so I work with what I have.

However, like my makeup, I’m working up to the good stuff meaning that I will be improving my equipment and get an actual camera soon but until then, I will continue to use my phone camera.

Moral of the story is to not pay attention to those who hate on your work.
Giving them attention and energy and trying to prove them wrong will only prevent you from improving yourself and advancing with your work. So the next time you come across a hater, just keep it moving and continue on your path to success.

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