Toughen up: Triggers and trigger warnings

This is going to be the first post in my ‘toughen up’ series where I tell you my experiences with overly sensitive people and how you and others can toughen up with certain issues.

Triggers and trigger warnings is a topic that very many people are constantly in hot debate about and is also something that makes my blood boil every time I hear it.
The reason that I am bringing this up is because the phrase “Im so triggered” is being not only overused within the LGBT community but it is also being abused. Although triggers do exist and are completely valid, there are multiple times where telling someone that you are triggered by a certain thought or word is completely and absolutely inappropriate and downright disrespectful.

First example that I have where trigger warnings were inappropriately used is when I was scrolling through my instagram.
Being a model, youtube, and makeup artist, I naturally have many very attractive female friends whom I follow on social media.
One day I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, liking my friend’s photos and leaving comments as I would usually do when all of a sudden I hear someone yelling at me “YOU ARE SUCH A MISOGYNIST AND ARE OBJECTIFYING WOMEN!!!! I’M SO TRIGGERED”
I told the person to go screw off as there is nothing wrong with liking and commenting on photos on Instagram and especially so since the girls whose photos I was liking and commenting on where my friends.
Not only did I have every right to do whatever the hell I want in my own social media, but the person had absolutely no right or reason to be looking over my shoulder and monitoring what I was doing on my phone.

The second example was when I was talking about my weight loss.
I had recently lost 5 pounds so I was telling my friends about it since it is a significant event for me as I am pre-diabetic.
As I was telling my friends on how I lost the weight, another person decided to butt in and say “I’m very triggered by what you are talking about so you need to change topics”
Not only was I very taken aback by the comment but I was also rather livid as the person had no reason or business listening in on my achievements. Instead of congratulating on my successes they decided to try to bring me back down.
The conversation that I was having with my friends was of absolutely no concern to the person. I cannot help but think that such a person is nothing more than insecure about their own weight and wants nothing more but to bring me down to their level.

The third example is when I was talking about makeup and heels with my friends. This clearly offended someone as that particular someone decided to come over to me and my group to tell me to stop talking about makeup and heels as it was “triggering” to them.
Safe to say that I gave them a few glances up and down before telling them off.

What I am trying to say here is that although triggers are real, there is absolutely no reason where you should be going to other people and telling them that what they are talking about if it makes you a bit uncomfortable.
There are people who have actual triggers and going around screaming “I’m triggered” about the smallest most minor situations is not only going to make you look like a complete idiot, but it is also disrespectful to those who have actual triggers in life. You’ll not only make them look bad but also keep them from getting the compensation that they need in order to function regularly in life.

With all of that being said, make sure to respect others and their patience as not many people are not as calm and collected as I am.



My Mental Health: Part three, Self love and esteem

Loving myself and confidence has always been something that I have struggled with for several years now.
It started when I was young and still in grade school.

When I was still a good little Christian boy and went to church every sunday, I would constantly get bullied by the other kids that attended alongside with me.
In the beginning stages I would just let them do whatever they wanted and would just laugh it off. The only reason that I let them step all over me is because I would constantly remember certain teachings in the bible such as “turn the other cheek” and “judge and be judge”

But because I am human I eventually ran out of patience so I would begin to fight back and when I did I would get in trouble each and every single time. Even when I was in the right I would get into trouble whether it be telling the other kids to stop messing with me, telling the other parents to help me out, and even when I was getting beat up and fought them off. Whatever I did to try to get them to stop just caused me to get into trouble again and again.

Eventually just gave up and kept quiet. This not only ate me up from the inside but also gave my self-esteem a massive blow. I began to feel worthless, helpless, and depressed and when I went to talk to other members of the church I used to be in, all they would do is invalidate and toss aside my concerns and frustrations. With no outlet, it threw me deeper and deeper into a depression.

As much as I am aware that this is the only problem that I have brought up, it is actually the most significant problem as I had to deal with the bullying, the condescending comments, and the teasing ever since I was born.

Either way, significant or not, depression and the causes of depression are significant big or small. It is healthy for one to vent every now and then and there is absolutely no shame in doing so.
If you need to let it out, do so and with someone who understands completely and will listen without patronizing or condescending you.
Make sure you do whatever you need to do in order to get into a better headspace.

My Mental Health: Part two, Weight

So this is the second part of my mental health series where I disclose struggles that I’ve never brought to light to anyone aside from myself.
In this section, i will be focusing on one of my biggest issues……. my weight.

My weight has been one of the biggest problems that I have had to deal with from a very young age to the present. And to be honest, it has caused me to indulge in some rather damaging practices.

The first issues that I came across were eating disorders with the first being anorexia.
This is when I had just started having a problem with my weight and as any other teen out there, my method to deal with it was to starve myself. However, because I loved food too much, it didn’t take long for me to quit the practice of starving myself and switch to another issue….. bulimia.

The problem here is that I often switched back and forth between bulimia and anorexia.
What would often happen is that there would be a period of time where I was anorexic and then there would be another period of time where I would be bulimic.
I remember clearly that I would starve myself for periods of time before I would binge eat on large amounts of food and then purge right after.
Doing this was not only damaging to my mental health but my physical health as well.
There would be some times where I would be weak, sick and lightheaded, normal at others, and have diarrhea at the rest.

The second problem with my weight are the pills that I used to take.
The first time I took weight loss pills was Hydroxycut black and it wreaked havoc on my body.
For the first week, I was able to lose weight and I did slim down by three inches around my waist, however, the next two weeks were absolute HELL for me and my body.
During the second week, I was having diarrhea but it wasn’t like normal diarrhea but rather clear water which was not only alarming but also rather painful.
By the third week, I was feeling very weak and nauseous most of the time which resulted in me vomiting every couple of days.
The worst part is that even the slightest bit of stress would set me off and cause me to begin gagging and eventually vomit.

The purpose of this story is to tell others out there who may be going through the same issues that I have been and currently still am dealing with.
Please do not partake in any of these habits as it does so much more harm to your body than good.
I hope you all the best out there.

My Mental Health: Part one, Depression

This is going to be another one of those touchy subjects for not only myself but for others as well.

My mental health is not the best considering what I’ve gone through at a young age. Granted that I have matured much quicker than people my age, that rate of maturation does take a toll on one’s mental health.

One of the problems that I do have to deal with is depression.
Depression is often seen as just a “bad mood” or having a bad day. The reaction that people generally have towards depression is to just “shake it off” or to “just get over it”.
Unfortunately, depression is not that easy to take care of.
The way I would describe depression is as a chronic disease that constantly inconveniences you in more ways than one. Depression saps your energy, causes you to lose passion and interest, and causes you to belittle yourself.

This is something that I have to constantly deal with as depression is something that has affected me at a very young age because of the struggles that I had to go through. The struggles that I am referring to are not financial struggles but rather social ones.
At a very young age I was severly bullied and not in ways you would think of. There were things that everyone gets bullied about like weight and height but that’s not what caused my depression. I was constantly picked on simply because I was interested in the newest Scientific American magazine instead of the new Halo video game that was just released. I was bullied for being the nerd of the class and carrying books instead of playing football. I was even picked on for having an interest in Spiderman and Superman instead of being interested in G.I. Joe. But the worst part my bullying was being called a pedophile at the age of 14 simply because I wanted to join a game of tag with kids that were around my age. This was something that really cut deep at that age. Think about it……